This page is our curio cabinet. It is here that you will find links to poems (probably not original!), odd tidbits of information,
and whatever else doesn't fit our business profile -- whatever that is! So check this section out once in a while,
and let us know what you think.

The Unfulfilled, a short story which first appeared in ComputorEdge, Issue 19, June 1991,
is reprinted here with the author's permission. ©Nina Neuron.

MTHA Happenings DOJ letter

Pre-Course Questionnaire for Instructor Candidates
Note: this file is 4 pages, PDF format, 6Mb -- and may take FOREVER to download from this server.

CA-DOJ Certified Instructor Application for HSC Program

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OVGC Range

Instructor Briefing

Instructor Schedule for 30 July 2005

Map to Rose Valley Range

Hebrew Writing

Pistol Range Commands