Bit-by-Bit Software Services was founded in 1983 by Eric and Nina Neuron because there were
a great many small businesses on the Oxnard Plain and very few computers.

Even worse, there were few training resources for businesspeople who had been talked into
buying computers but didn't really know how to use them. Remember, in those days
most of the best software was still of the "promgen" type -- that is, before your database
could be used, it had to be built. dBase and R:Base System V allowed programmers
to create wonderful databases. Electronic spreadsheets, such as Lotus 1-2-3,
were available, but they were primitive by today's standards.

Enter Bit-by-Bit Software Services. We began by matching small businesses with
custom-built computer systems from various sources, programming as necessary,
and training the users.

Bit-by-Bit has evolved without forgetting its roots. And so, we invite you to learn more
about the organizations showcased on this site