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In keeping with our commitment to the community which supports us, and because we discovered that we had purchased far more hard drive than we really needed, we will make 1Gb of space (per organization, not total space!) available on our server for as many non-profit or not-for-profit entities as we can. We will even build your pages for you, to your specifications, if you do not have a capable Webmaster available.

However, as with all "free" offers, there are a few strings attached:

  • Your NPO must be apolitcal in nature (and, yes, firearms ARE apolitical -- or should be).
  • Your NPO must be able to demonstrate utter poverty, or at least the inability to pay for an ISP.
  • Your home page must state, somewhere on it, that Bit-by-Bit is hosting your Web site.
  • Your pages must not contain material Walt Disney would have disapproved of, or intentional links to any site Walt Disney would not have allowed his grandchildren to view.

  • If none of these restrictions is too horrendous for you to contemplate, by all means send an e-mail to our Webmaster telling us about your organization. If you pass the Walt Disney test, we'll do our best to help you get your site up and running in short order.

    If you already have a perfectly good Web site, and are merely looking for a wider audience, send us an e-mail telling us about your organization. If you pass our Walt Disney test, we will add your link to our page. We won't even ask you to reciprocate! Contact Webmaster with the info for a link to your Web site.